60 Second Interview with Frank McGowan


Alistair Bay caught up with award-winning Scottish film maker, entrepreneur and “TV geek” Frank McGowan at Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow, with some quick fire questions and answers…

  1.  What three traits would you say most define you?  Loyalty, entrepreneurship, teamwork.
  2.  What is your personal philosophy? That by collaborating with the right people, anything is possible.
  3.  What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? Tea. I love me a cup of Punjana in the morning.
  4.  What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far? I grew up in a really destructive environment as a kid, as my Dad was an alcoholic, so I’ve suffered from mental health issues – depression and anxiety, since. It’s been pretty tough at times. Just glad I’ve got my friends who have been there to support me and my brother.
  5.  What is the one thing you can’t say no to? A handsome lad. And Caramel Cake. Love it! Gluten free, of course!
  6.  What is your greatest fear? No more Caramel Cake!
  7.  Have you ever been star struck? A couple of times. I met Simon Fisher Becker, Oliver Robins and Robin Shelby at Optimus South West, and cried as soon as I got back to the hotel after being in “professional” mode. And hanging out with the original Power Rangers cast, I was just so emotional as these were the people I looked up to as a kid.
  8.  What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends? I love to play board games – which sounds so boring, watch old movies, look around museums and rummage around charity shops. I’m a total rock star.
  9.  Have you ever met a fan? I’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few fans, on both sides – the music industry side, and my work as a director. Eric and the Bunny Boilers fans are just the best! I was recognised one time as “that guy who done that thing with the lesbians” in Cash Generator in Glasgow. The guy just walked away after that. The looks I got from other people was absolutely priceless!
  10.  What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had? I used to do Betterware, selling cheese graters to little old ladies. That was pretty bizarre.
  11.  Do you have a celebrity crush? Right now I have an unhealthy obsession with Danny Wallace. And Ben Rich who does BBC Weather is gorgeous. Oh, and Joel Dommett, I mean, never mind Betterware, you could grate cheese on his abs!
  12.  What has been your biggest achievement to date? Probably the pilots we produced for Braw TV. They were an experience that nothing will ever come close to, and a real learning curve for me as a director getting to work on such an eclectic mix of projects with such an amazing cast and crew.
  13.  What has been the most important innovation you have witnessed in your lifetime? Probably the internet. I saw it grow from AOL dial-up to the in-an-instant-it’s-right-there-on your-screen.
  1.  What could you do (for a career) if you weren’t following creative pursuits? I have considered other things I might do. Opening a toy shop, a horror themed enterprise or doing something business wise around being gluten free.
  2.  If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be? I’d love to be a train driver for an old steam railway. That would be awesome. A wee hat and everything!
  3.  What would you most likely tell your teenage self? I’ve had a lot of sadness in my life, so I’d tell myself to hang on in there as it will be ok.
  4.  What are your three most overused words/phrases? Oh my God. Seriously? And this ‘tutting’ thing that I apparently do between sentences. I’m going to try not to do it now. Have I done it? (interviewer nods) Oh my God. And I said, oh my God. Oh my God.
  5.  How do you relax? At home we have a chill out room in the attic that’s a tech free zone. There are lots of comfy pillows, a telescope to look at the stars, a fish tank and inspirational books. I probably don’t go up there as much as I should. But yeah, that’s how I relax. That, and yoga.
  6.  What is the best book you have ever read? Oh, ‘Evil Is…’ by my good friend M.J. Martin. Hands down the most shocking, couldn’t-put-down-book I’ve ever read in my life. She’s already working on the sequel, which I’m really excited about. Check it out on Amazon. You’ll thank me as it will give you nightmares and really make you think.
  7.  Tell us something that might surprise us about you.  Erm, I, eh… I wasn’t a fan of the new Power Rangers movie. Great performances, but didn’t get it.

Have any more questions for Frank? Ask in the comments below and he’ll reply!


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